January 23, 2012 in general by Mira

The year is 3017  The time of war and chaos has come to an end and humanity has dedicated it’s self to technological and scientific endeavor.  All known diseases and viruses and mutations have been eradicated, thus far.  Humanity has pushed into space although as yet no organisms have not been discovered.  The technological progress of mankind has moved rapidly and new technology is being developed at an amazing speed.  Artificial intelligence has thus advanced to an amazing level, making humans and machines almost at an equal footing.  Artificial and human interaction is not yet at the level which racial equality is at a reasonable level.   All known races and states have combined into one,  the control of nations now falls under a number of world wide corporations which hold all power over humanity and artificial intelligence.

Sector 7 is controlled by Mita heavy industries which has a major production plant in the sector.  They specialize in artificial intelligence which model human appearance but carry advanced internal systems.  These silicon based life forms main role is to carry out Mita operations inside the city without detection by the greater populous.