Quicksilver general examination

April 22, 2012 in general by Mira

The subject quicksilver was sent to the science lab at 1400 hours for general organic and cybernetic medical checks he failed to give information that only his brain was organic.  Personal note:

‘We should ask new recruits to fill out the forms correctly and not forget to add them to the system before they come to the lab!’

After a neural scan which showed no abnormalities the subject Silver entered the cybernetic rig.  His cybernetic core did not seem to be unstable and was quite efficient, personal note ‘The apes at what ever military unit he was assigned to on mars can actually build a stable robotic system!’.

Personal note 2 ‘While talking to the subject I noticed a strange abnormality in some of the information he was giving me,  he said that he was sent to Mar where there was some sort of cybernetic virus ‘Alice’  was the word he used.  It seemed to take over cyborgs bodies and infect them enough to cause them to think they were human?  He also mentioned about god in his information.  This is quite worrying,  we need to pay attention to this one.  Maybe some psychological instability.  Can we get a psychologist to check him over? Please’


Biological systems: 100%

Cybernetics core: 98%

Personal recommendation:  Psychological checks needed immediately.

Signed Miranda Kitagawa