Subject 002 (Classified Nanotech Real cov data sheet 08000

April 22, 2012 in general by Mira

The recent cargo from the ship was transported to the research facility on Arcturus 6.   Recent scans indicate that it contained a deep cellular virus code named ‘Gama 8′.

Test subject signed waiver forms and entered the test chamber at 1600.  She put some some struggle but was seated in impregnation position ready for the transplant.  The supervising specialist was Miranda Kitagawa.

The container opened at 1620 and transplanted into the patient.  No signs of abnormalities after transplanted,  the patient became flustered and refused  regular treatment so in house supervision must be carried out.   Personal note:

‘This patient acted as usual when the treatment was performed,  she seemed quite confused as to what was going on.  I feel this is a natural response.  I would have wanted her to go on living her day to day life and report in for treatment on a regular basis but she does not seem to want to comply with this request.   I feel all we can do is try to contain her in the best condition possible and hope that the virus mutates at a steady pace.  I do not wish to terminate the test subject like I did with the last one.  Things got quite messy and we had a lot of trouble trying to cover that one up.  The CEO wishes to push these trials and raise out stocks over the other competing corporations on earth and on Mars.  The team Martian team seem to be conducting their own testing on the alien species in a different manner.  I think what we are doing is more beneficial than letting the life forms mutate at there natural rate in a holding dock.’