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Quicksilver general examination

April 22, 2012 in general by Mira

The subject quicksilver was sent to the science lab at 1400 hours for general organic and cybernetic medical checks he failed to give information that only his brain was organic.  Personal note:

‘We should ask new recruits to fill out the forms correctly and not forget to add them to the system before they come to the lab!’

After a neural scan which showed no abnormalities the subject Silver entered the cybernetic rig.  His cybernetic core did not seem to be unstable and was quite efficient, personal note ‘The apes at what ever military unit he was assigned to on mars can actually build a stable robotic system!’.

Personal note 2 ‘While talking to the subject I noticed a strange abnormality in some of the information he was giving me,  he said that he was sent to Mar where there was some sort of cybernetic virus ‘Alice’  was the word he used.  It seemed to take over cyborgs bodies and infect them enough to cause them to think they were human?  He also mentioned about god in his information.  This is quite worrying,  we need to pay attention to this one.  Maybe some psychological instability.  Can we get a psychologist to check him over? Please’


Biological systems: 100%

Cybernetics core: 98%

Personal recommendation:  Psychological checks needed immediately.

Signed Miranda Kitagawa

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Subject 002 (Classified Nanotech Real cov data sheet 08000

April 22, 2012 in general by Mira

The recent cargo from the ship was transported to the research facility on Arcturus 6.   Recent scans indicate that it contained a deep cellular virus code named ‘Gama 8′.

Test subject signed waiver forms and entered the test chamber at 1600.  She put some some struggle but was seated in impregnation position ready for the transplant.  The supervising specialist was Miranda Kitagawa.

The container opened at 1620 and transplanted into the patient.  No signs of abnormalities after transplanted,  the patient became flustered and refused  regular treatment so in house supervision must be carried out.   Personal note:

‘This patient acted as usual when the treatment was performed,  she seemed quite confused as to what was going on.  I feel this is a natural response.  I would have wanted her to go on living her day to day life and report in for treatment on a regular basis but she does not seem to want to comply with this request.   I feel all we can do is try to contain her in the best condition possible and hope that the virus mutates at a steady pace.  I do not wish to terminate the test subject like I did with the last one.  Things got quite messy and we had a lot of trouble trying to cover that one up.  The CEO wishes to push these trials and raise out stocks over the other competing corporations on earth and on Mars.  The team Martian team seem to be conducting their own testing on the alien species in a different manner.  I think what we are doing is more beneficial than letting the life forms mutate at there natural rate in a holding dock.’


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Si 262 (The miracle material)

March 9, 2012 in general by Mira

In the year 2501 a contract was taken to send a probe deep to the heart of the planet Mars.  At first the miners were contracted to search for various forms of earth metals,  silver,   mercury gold in particular as these were the common metals used in manufacture.  In charge of the operation was Dr Leonard Blotski who was a seasoned specialist in stellar geology holding operations on various planets and meteors.  He gained fame after finding a number of unknown minerals on a passing meteor which lead to a number of medical breakthroughs in neurology.  These included the famed Blot05 which had the effect of compensating for any lack of brain function in disabled patients.  The drug was also found to cause none disabled subjects to experience a type of over drive comparative to  amphetamine.  Patients were known to solve various puzzles at 1/10 of the speed when not on the drug leading to it being heavily used in various fields.  Soon after the government restricted the use of the drug in all but the military though people are found to buy this drug on the black market for a very high price.

Dr Leonard Blotski unsuspecting of his co workers kept a large stock of this drug and used it on a number of occasions often hosting so called ‘Over-drive’ parties popular with celebrates and even government officials.  This lead many to distrust the Dr.  The following year 2502 the mission was to go ahead and the team were put into a neural stasis and ship set to auto pilot.  2503 the ship arrived on Mars.

The men and woman of the mission woke up with a loud but gentle buzz.  They had practiced this mission over the last year and were used to the effects of muscle weakness.  They sat up in the darkness of the ship and moved very slowly as not to damage any muscle tissue.  “I’ll be so happy when this is all over and I’m back at home on earth, even though I hate that place!” one of the Jackie said to her self.  She was a fit woman with dark black hair with a few luminescent highlights, almost 6ft tall and muscular build,  she had gained this over many gears of gymnastics and other sports.  She was still young after all at 20 the youngest on the team, straight out of the state training institution first class in astral science.  Next one of the male crew James was to wake up and give a quick grin,  he was another science officer expert in Mars geography early 30s.  The oldest on the team was the Dr a frail old man, the others were worried that he might not make it through the sleep and they would have to carry on without him.  Luckily he got up as if from a short nap and started to stretch in a natural manner.  “Right right he said we have work to do, no time to waste!” The others sighed and started to do a type of stretch together as they had practiced every day on earth.  They took a multi shot of various vitamins and food supplement to kick start their bodies out of the sleep.

Afew hours late they were finally at the site of the dig thanks to the young geography specialist.  The team set up a large mining laser and with a confirmation from the Dr it began to charge up and dig.  Dust and ash flew into the air and down onto the suits of the crew which were stationed outdoors.  They work armored almost combat like nanofiber suits, which were set up with there own echo system so the men and women could work comfortably.  A food, water and waste management system was also included in the suit.   Jackie joked to the rest of the crew how they were treated like grown babies wearing these suits but of cause without them they would over heat and probably die.

After an hour earth time the desired depth was reached and the Dr shouted over the radio for them to fall back into the main survey ship.  The main computer did a sweep of the core and came back with a number of results.  Mainly volcanic rock several new types of iron but nothing too interesting.  One of the researchers turned around to the Dr and said “I found some thing Dr! Its a totally new type of metal never seen before.  Appears to be silicon.” The Dr gave a warm nod before speaking in a gruff unexcited voice, “Good work son we are sure to get some attention for this, lets get it into the hold.”

A year on the ship had arrived on earth and research was to be done on the Irons and the new material which was dubbed Silicon 262.  It did not seem special in anyway of form until one scientist Dr Lesley ran a simple condition test on a small fragment of the rock.  She sat alone in her private section of the large corporate laboratories in which the specimen was to be tested.  She enjoyed listening to a type of electronic music which was slow and soothing, not popular with younger scientists but she kind of liked it and thought it helped her work best.  She was quite solitary after all and despised anyone interfering with her work.  Of course just outside the lab there were many scientists and machines hard at work testing other materials to destruction but inside the lab it could have been on a deserted island in the middle of no where.

First a few nano volts were sent into the metal,  the Dr smiles as it started to contract slightly.  Nothing unusual but she liked this metal already.  As the voltage was increased the metal started to move even more “Oh this is very responsive indeed. The Dr said to her self,  a small robotic cat was laying next to her and it seemed to acknowledge her words as if it was an assistant.  Actually it was there to record the experiment and voice for later.   As even more energy surged into the material it started to change shape.  First to a type of liquid then gas then back to solid,  it expended and contracted rapidly, she hit it with a hammer and it fragmented then quickly resembled its self as if nothing had happened.  “Fascinating truly astonishing the Dr said.”

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January 23, 2012 in general by Mira

The year is 3017  The time of war and chaos has come to an end and humanity has dedicated it’s self to technological and scientific endeavor.  All known diseases and viruses and mutations have been eradicated, thus far.  Humanity has pushed into space although as yet no organisms have not been discovered.  The technological progress of mankind has moved rapidly and new technology is being developed at an amazing speed.  Artificial intelligence has thus advanced to an amazing level, making humans and machines almost at an equal footing.  Artificial and human interaction is not yet at the level which racial equality is at a reasonable level.   All known races and states have combined into one,  the control of nations now falls under a number of world wide corporations which hold all power over humanity and artificial intelligence.

Sector 7 is controlled by Mita heavy industries which has a major production plant in the sector.  They specialize in artificial intelligence which model human appearance but carry advanced internal systems.  These silicon based life forms main role is to carry out Mita operations inside the city without detection by the greater populous.